The Sicilian dairy culture has its roots in ancient times and documents dating back to the classical Greek world bear witness to this.
Known and used by the ancients as a natural method for preserving milk, cheese and its processing, they have evolved over time while maintaining the nutritional characteristics of the product intact, making it a complete and indispensable element on everyone's tables.
A primary and precious asset, therefore, on which Sicily and its agricultural companies have focused to shine and make themselves known throughout the world, making Sicilian cheeses sought-after and guaranteed products.
The dairy culture has thus made its way into the socio-cultural context of Sicily, becoming, over time, an integral part of it; what distinguishes it from that developed in other places is certainly the use of zero kilometer raw materials, treated and cared for by the same hands who will take care, in a second phase, of the processing and success of the cheese.
Characterizing ingredients of Sicilian dairy culture are raw milk imbued with the peculiarities of the territory and natural rennets. Another characterizing element is, without a doubt, the use of traditional wooden or copper equipment, complicit in the contribution of a natural concentration of native dairy microorganisms, and the 100% manual processing of all production phases.
The cheeses have thus become a prominent and proud product for the entire region, a symbol of cultural identity and tradition.