The Brand

The "Zuccaratu" brand was born with the aim of bringing a story of dedication and research into Sicilian tradition around the world.
The gastronomic products offered
they enhance the taste of the beautiful Trinacria through attention to detail: from the raw material coming from artisanal processes in the area, to a unique design with a plot that links "the lovely Sicilian flavour" to simple but harmonious figures that tell the story of our land.
For generations, our company Motel San Pietro, located in the heart of Sicily and from which the brand originates, has researched and taken care of details, ensuring quality and guaranteeing flavors that are not forgotten.
"Zuccaratu" is a term that brings to mind the sweet and savory flavors of traditional dishes, perfectly embodying the company's goal of offering products that bring an authentic taste of Sicily to the table.
Each product is made following recipes handed down over time, thus honoring our beloved grandmothers whose hands were so "sugared"!
Combining the quality of the products, the passion for cooking and respect for traditions, Zuccaratu has become a trusted brand for those seeking authenticity in Sicilian flavours. We are proud to share with you the unique taste of our land through our products and we are grateful for your continued trust in our history of passion, dedication and quality.