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Colomba with Chocolate Chips

Colomba with Chocolate Chips

Indulgent Easter Experience

Forget conventional traditions and immerse yourself in a unique Easter experience with our dove enriched with chocolate chips. Created with passion and craftsmanship, this Easter dessert is an exciting fusion of tradition and modernity, ready to delight your senses.

Gluttony Without Borders Discover the magic of every bite as the sweet aroma of the Colomba mixes with the indulgent temptation of the chocolate chips. The soft and fragrant dough is enriched with an enveloping and crunchy texture thanks to the chocolate chips that delicately blend with each slice.

Elegance and Taste on the Easter Table Add a touch of elegance and refinement to your Easter table with our chocolate chip dove. Carefully decorated and proudly presented, it will be the centerpiece of your celebrations, winning the hearts of anyone who has the privilege of tasting it.

A Gift for All Tastes Surprise your loved ones with a gift that will not go unnoticed. Our chocolate chip dove is the perfect gift for those who appreciate sweetness and innovation, a gesture of affection that will speak directly to anyone's heart.

Order Now and Delight Your Senses Don't wait any longer to live an unprecedented Easter experience. Order our chocolate chip dove and let yourself be transported on a journey of taste and indulgence. Time is precious, make sure you share it with sweetness and pleasure!

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Naturally leavened soft dough baked confectionery product without raisins, with pistachio filling and pistachio icing

Zuccaratu 's doves are handcrafted and packaged fresh, without preservatives.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources. After opening, place in the original, tightly closed bag.

Expiry 45 days from production date


Gluten, butter, egg, milk, pistachio, emulsifier (E471), flavourings, salt - May contain traces of mustard, soy, peanuts and other nuts.


Approximately 1,100-1,300 kg

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