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Traditional Colomba with Almonds and Candied Fruits

Traditional Colomba with Almonds and Candied Fruits

Celebrate Tradition with Our Dove

Bring the authentic essence of Easter to the table with our traditional Easter colomba, a tribute to Italian history and culinary culture. Prepared with artisanal care and selected ingredients, this Easter delight is the perfect symbol of tradition and timeless taste.

Ancient Recipe and Authentic Taste Our classic Easter colomba is a true hymn to tradition, with its soft and fragrant dough enriched with toasted almonds and soft candied fruit. Every bite is a journey into the past, a taste of authenticity and flavors that recall the Easter holidays of the past.

Elegance and Refinement on Your Table Imagine welcoming your guests with the enveloping aroma of our classic Easter dove. With its simple but refined decoration and its irresistible taste, it will be the center of every table and the pleasure of every diner.

Give a Moment of Tradition and Sharing Share the importance of traditions and family ties by giving our classic Easter dove. A gesture of affection that will warm the heart and satisfy the palates of anyone who has the pleasure of tasting it.

Order Now and Bring the Authentic Taste of Easter to the Table Don't miss the opportunity to relive the atmosphere of the traditional Easter holidays with our classic Easter dove. Order now and be sure to make your celebrations unique with a touch of authenticity and timeless taste.

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Pistachio, sugar, egg white, honey.


Zuccaratu Sicilian pistachio Ricci are without preservatives and therefore have a shelf life of 30 days from the date of production.

NB Our products are always shipped fresh, so from the order date the first available batch will be shipped.


The Sicilian Pistachio has the shape of elongated seeds, the size of an olive. The color of the fruit is ruby ​​red externally and emerald green internally. The flavor is strongly aromatic. The pistachio plant was introduced into Sicily by the Arabs during their domination. Longevity and the ability to resist adverse environmental conditions have allowed the pistachio to establish itself permanently in poorly cultivable volcanic soils (Etna), so much so that over time it has become the most important tree crop. Around the pistachio, the local population has developed its own traditions and wealth. The pistachio produces one year and rests one year; during the rest year, the few buds that have grown are eliminated so that the plant can store all the energy to explode in the following season. Nicknamed the "green gold" of Sicily, Pistachio owes its peculiarity to the numerous nutritional properties, such as: vitamin A, phosphorus, iron and phenolic substances, all elements that promote the strengthening of the body's defenses and well-being. Sicilian green gold is traditionally used by our pastry chefs as an ingredient for ice creams, pastries, creams and cakes.

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