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"Carrettu" Colomba with White Chocolate Chunks, Strawberries and Extra Pistachio Cream

"Carrettu" Colomba with White Chocolate Chunks, Strawberries and Extra Pistachio Cream

"Carrettu" Colomba with White Chocolate Chunks, Semi-Candied Strawberries and Extra Pistachio Cream:

Welcome to the paradise of flavors! Our "Carrettu" dove is a true delight for the senses, designed to satisfy the most demanding palates during the holidays. This artisanal leavened dessert is a masterpiece of goodness and culinary creativity.

Main features:

1. Gourmet Filling: Each slice of this panettone is a tasty surprise. Inside, you will find generous chunks of white chocolate that blend harmoniously with semi-candied wild strawberries, creating a combination of sweetness and crunchiness that will delight your palate.

2. White Chocolate Icing: The icing that covers the panettone is a unique creation based on white chocolate, which adds a touch of refinement and aroma to the sweetness of the panettone. The icing in turn is covered with pistachios which go perfectly with the sweet taste of the panettone.

3. Chocolate Petals : Not only the inside but also the surface of the dove is covered with a lush cascade of white chocolate petals. These little pieces of heaven add an irresistible texture and an intense aromatic note to the panettone.

4. Extra Pistachio Cream: To make the experience even more indulgent, each "Carrettu" Colomba is accompanied by a jar of extra pistachio cream. This cream is the perfect companion for every slice of dove, allowing you to customize each bite to your liking.

This dove is packaged with care and love, and is ideal for sharing special moments with family and friends during the holidays. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to delight your senses and give a touch of luxury to your Christmas celebrations. Buy the "Carrettu" Colomba today and get ready for an explosion of taste!

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Pistachio, sugar, egg white, honey.


Zuccaratu Sicilian pistachio Ricci are without preservatives and therefore have a shelf life of 30 days from the date of production.

NB Our products are always shipped fresh, so from the order date the first available batch will be shipped.


The Sicilian Pistachio has the shape of elongated seeds, the size of an olive. The color of the fruit is ruby ​​red externally and emerald green internally. The flavor is strongly aromatic. The pistachio plant was introduced into Sicily by the Arabs during their domination. Longevity and the ability to resist adverse environmental conditions have allowed the pistachio to establish itself permanently in poorly cultivable volcanic soils (Etna), so much so that over time it has become the most important tree crop. Around the pistachio, the local population has developed its own traditions and wealth. The pistachio produces one year and rests one year; during the rest year, the few buds that have grown are eliminated so that the plant can store all the energy to explode in the following season. Nicknamed the "green gold" of Sicily, Pistachio owes its peculiarity to the numerous nutritional properties, such as: vitamin A, phosphorus, iron and phenolic substances, all elements that promote the strengthening of the body's defenses and well-being. Sicilian green gold is traditionally used by our pastry chefs as an ingredient for ice creams, pastries, creams and cakes.

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