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Sicilian dry almonds

Sicilian dry almonds

Perhaps one of the best known Sicilian delicacies. Requested all over the globe and made "simply" with one of Sicily's most prized golds: almonds.
Almond paste pastries are small moments of true pleasure. Their creation is as simple as the final taste is special, obtained thanks to the use of excellent raw materials and 100% artisanal workmanship.
The protagonist is, without a doubt, the flavor of the almond, combined only with some aromas that enhance the taste. Each pastry, given the manual processing, has a different shape and is completed with a small cherry or candied orange.
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Almond flour, sugar, honey, eggs, various flavourings. Candied fruit or toasted almonds on the surface.


Zuccaratu White Pastas are without preservatives and therefore have an expiry date of 30 days from the date of production.

NB Our products are always shipped fresh, so from the order date the first available batch will be shipped.


The origins of this dessert are traced back to the Martorana convent in Palermo in the first decade of the year 1000 although, according to legend, it was the Arabs who brought almonds to Sicily and mixed them with sugar to delight the most demanding palates.
The Sicilians call it pàsta riàli (royal pasta) precisely to indicate its regal taste and also suitable for the court of a queen.

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